News & Updates

09. 02. 2019: Our paper titled "What do bilingual infants actually hear? Evaluatingmeasures of caregiver speech to 10-month-old, bilingual-learning infants" is published at Developmental Science

07. 30. 2019: We wrote an article about our bilingual segmentation research for the Conversation Canada (la version française).

06.28.2019: We presented our work on bilingual input at the International Symposium of Bilingualism at Edmonton, AB.

05.14.2019: We have two posters up at the ASA conference at Louisiana, Kentucky - one looking at language mixing to infants, and one looking at infant vocalizations in bilingual contexts.

04.09.2019: Our paper titled "Monolingual and bilingual infants’ word segmentationabilities in an inter-mixed dual-language task" is now published at Infancy

03.27.2019: We published our paper titled "Identifying bilingual talkers after a language switch: Language experience matters" at the Journal of Acoustical Society of America!

03.12.2019: Our paper titled "Reliability of the Language Environment Analysis(LENA) in a French-English bilingual speech context" is now published at the Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research :)

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